Tennessee Car Accident Statistics

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Tennessee car accident statistics paint a grim picture for the state. With more drivers on the road every year, the chances of being involved in an accident increase. Factors like young drivers, aging drivers, and inattentive drivers all increase the likelihood that an accident will occur while driving on the roadways of Tennessee.

Quick 2016 Statistics

  • 206,172 accidents involving a vehicle
  • 51,152 vehicle accidents resulting in an injury
  • 1,041 vehicle accidents resulting in a fatality

Who Is at Greatest Risk for Fatality

Tennessee car accident statistics reveal which demographics are at a greater risk for being in a fatal accident involving a vehicle. The statistics show that passengers are at greater risk than drivers. Of all the fatalities reported, 736 of them were passengers, proving that drivers are most often the survivors of fatal accidents.

Alcohol played its part in the annual fatalities, causing 223 fatalities in 2016. A Memphis car accident lawyer can often help the victim of a drunk driving accident recover compensation.

You might think that you are only at risk of an car accident if you are in a car. The reality is that hundreds of motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are involved in car accidents. An alarming number of those accidents result in fatalities.

Passenger vehicles are involved in 40 percent of all fatal accidents on the roadways of Tennessee.

Motorcyclists comprise 147 annual fatalities as a result of an accident with a vehicle.

Walking is almost as dangerous as riding a motorcycle. Close to 100 pedestrians were killed in 2016 as a result of an accident with a vehicle.

Large trucks only contributed to twenty-one of the fatalities reported in 2016.

Cycling is one of the safer modes of transportation. Only nine cyclist were killed in 2016 as a result of a car accident.

Of all the modes of transportation, taking the bus is by far the safest. Out of the 1,041 fatalities in 2016, a scant six deaths were the result of a vehicle accident involving a bus.

Most Dangerous Areas

Interestingly enough, certain areas increase the chances of an accident for certain demographics. For example, urban areas are more likely to see fatal crashes than rural areas. There were 573 fatal car accidents in urban areas during 2016. This is compared to the 464 fatalities seen in rural car accidents.

Roadway departures are the most dangerous areas for drivers. This is where the majority of fatalities take place in the state of Tennessee.

Davidson County sees more than its fair share of car accidents. This county is ranked number one in the overall crash rate for the state. They also rank first in all counties for wrecks involving drivers between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four years old. In fact, Davidson saw 8,506 car accidents involving drivers between those ages.

Madison County ranked first in the state for crashes involving drivers over the age of sixty-five. There were a total of 559 accidents in Madison involving drivers over sixty-five in 2016.

Of all the counties, Meigs has the most fatal accidents, ranking number one for deaths.

If you are a motorcyclist, you should avoid Blount County. It is ranked first in the state for crashes involving a motorcycle.

Driving is a privilege that comes with a great amount of responsibility. It is important to heed the traffic laws that are designed to increase the level of safety on the roads. Remember to buckle up: It prevents injuries and saves lives.