Illinois Car Accident Statistics

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Illinois car accident statistics do not paint a pretty picture for the roadways in the state. The statistics give insight as to how dangerous and fatal the roadways are in Illinois. However, they fail to offer a clear reason why car accidents are occurring or how to stop them.

How Many Accidents Occur

In the entire state, more than a quarter million accidents involving a motor vehicle occur. Of these accidents, more than one thousand end up being fatal. That equals more than 800 traffic accidents every day, with two of those accidents ending in fatality. Half of all the vehicle accidents in the state occur in Cook county.

Not all of these accidents are vehicle to vehicle, some involve pedestrians. In one year, there are more than 5,000 accidents involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. More than one hundred of those accidents result in deaths.

Who Is Causing Accidents

It is helpful to know what demographic is most likely to be involved in a vehicle accident. Of all demographics, eighteen-year-olds have the highest rate of vehicle-related accidents. One-third of all accidents are a result of excessive speeds and another third are alcohol-related.

Commercial drivers have less of a contribution to accidents on the road than commonly believed. Truckers are involved in a mere 4 percent of all non-fatal accidents in Illinois. The big rigs are involved in 10 percent of all fatal accidents in the state of Illinois.

Solutions to Decrease Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes are expensive. Close to six billion dollars are spent every year as a result of vehicle crashes. States all across the country seek ways to make the roadways safer. The efforts save money, and more importantly, lives. Illinois spends money annually to add and repair guardrails and barrier systems to help make roadways safer. Legislation has been enacted requiring the use of hands-free devices while driving.

Even with preventive measures in place, there are difficult-to-control factors that contribute to accidents. Mother Nature plays the biggest role in roadway safety. States often see spikes and dips in accident statistics that correspond with good and bad weather trends.

Lower gas prices tend to increase the average number of miles motorists drive. When gas prices are low, the rate of accidents increases. It is believed that the increase in the amount of driving correlates to the increase in traffic accidents.

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Statistics fluctuate from year to year; however, it is always possible to see trends developing over the long-term. The specific trends for Illinois are trends that are visible throughout the country. There is an increase in elderly drivers and accidents involving drivers over the age of seventy. With an aging population, this is a statistic that will continue to increase.

It seems that accidents are generally on the rise, while accidents involving motorcycles are steadily decreasing.

New Years is now the most dangerous holiday for driving. Accidents during the new year have increased by over 80 percent while Independence Day accidents have decreased by half.